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Info about Novalja and island of Pag

Novalja is a famous tourist city in Lika-Senj county in Croatia. It is situated in a bay on the west coast of the island of Pag. Novalja area was inhabited since ancient times, as testified by the numerous remains of the Illyrian tribes and the Romans. The village was established in the area of ​​the ancient Roman town of Cissa which was the seat of the ancient Christian diocese. Among the best preserved archaeological sites are three early Christian basilicas from the 4th and 5th century and interesting area of ​​Caska where was found an ancient aqueduct that fed Novalja with water from Novalja field. Today Novalja is a modern tourist town with approximately 3,500 inhabitants, which attracts visitors of all ages and from all parts of the world. The friendly locals except for fishing and olive cultivation offer comfortable accommodation in apartments, rooms and holiday homes within their private family houses. Tourism in Novalja is rapidly developing in the last fifteen years, mostly thanks to nearby Zrće, beautiful long pebble beach on which was built four discos and numerous other entertainment facilities. Zrće became a world famous tourist and entertainment attraction and inevitable destination for young people from around the world. Novalja is an ideal destination for families with children because it offers plenty of beautiful natural beaches with clean sea water and excellent access to the sea. All lovers of nature and active holidays can explore hidden beauties of the island by bicycle, and its underwater world with experienced divers from several active diving centers. If you are a fan of adrenaline and water sports, then Zrce is right destination for you, where is offered wakeboarding, bungee jumping, Flyboarding, parasailing ... The gastronomic offer includes very healthy Mediterranean cuisine in numerous restaurants and taverns, so do not miss to taste specialties such as Pag cheese, lamb, macaroni on the needle, strudel, cottage cheese, fish soup, stew, salads, seafood risottos and boiled or grilled fish. From various trips to the surroundings of Novalja, we recommend visiting Lun and its ancient olive trees, Stara Novalja and Planjka, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Pag. Visit Novalja, rich and diverse place where you will enjoy all the delights it offers you this beautiful island of Pag. Welcome to Novalja!


History of Novalja

Novalja has a long, eventful and interesting history, beginning with numerous archaeological discovers at various places around the town and its surrounding area. Among them are 3 early Christian basilicas from the 4th and 5th centuries; the remains of the floor mosaic of one of these basilicas can be seen within the Gothic church of Our Lady of the Rosary in the town centre. Many fragments of church furniture and other similar items are preserved in an archaeological collection called Stomorica. The Reliquary, found by one of the basilicas and now located in the Zadar Archaeological Museum, is also very valuable. One of the oldest illustrations of Our Lady with the inscription Maria ever found on the east coast of the Adriatic was found here in Novalja.

In archaeological terms, the area of Caska is especially interesting and there have recently been investigations of the Roman settlement of Cisse, which legend says collapsed in an earthquake in the 4th century. A unique aqueduct carved out of solid rock dating back to the 1st century and measuring 1.2 km in length, 70 cm in width and 9 overhead openings up to 40 m in height, is one of the most interesting and valuable sites in the area. This one-of-a-kind Roman aqueduct, popularly known as the Italian’s Hole, once supplied Novalja with water from the Novalja fields. The entrance to this water supply system is located inside the Town Museum, which boasts a range of Novalja’s cultural and ethnological heritage. Highlights from the national treasury house include the “Nashki” local dance, performed in colourful folk costumes to the music of the local bagpipes.

What to visit when in Novalja?

Spend your summer and holidays with us. From town of Rijeka you can visit:

- Beaches There are only a few places on the Adriatic surrounded by as many beautiful natural beaches as Novalja. Whether you go north or south, you’ll soon reach one of these magnificent beaches, which will provide perfect comfort and relaxation. The beaches are wide, sand and shingle, with clear water and excellent access to the sea, which in turn makes them particularly suitable for families with children. They are located 1-3 km from Novalja, forming a ring around it. All the beaches can be reached by car and have parking areas.
- Lun Under the branches of centuries-old olive trees, at the very northwest of the island, there lies Lun. Nature has left its marks generously in this area in a unique combination of green and blue. If you want to find the peace and quiet you lost somewhere in the urban bustle, this is the ideal place for your next vacation. The mild Mediterranean climate and comfortable silence of the Lun olive trees will rejuvenate your strength. In this silence, it seems that time really has stopped. The nearby villages of Jakišnica, Dudići, Varsan, Potočnica and Tovarnele, situated along the picturesque coves, are also a great choice for a pleasurable vacation. Look for rooms and apartments in private homes or opt for the modern La Luna Island Hotel and its welcoming staff.

- Metajna In a stone nest in the eastern part of the island lies Metajna. Written documents show that the first tourists visited Metajna in 1928. Follow in their footsteps and discover the beauty of this area. Nature has left an infinite mark here with its unique combination of wind, sea and stone. On hot summer days, look for refreshments at the local beaches, the most prominent of which is the Ručica beach, which can be reached though the picturesque area called Kanjon (the Canyon). During the season, fishing events filled with the smell of freshly prepared fish, wine and singing are regularly organized in Metajna. The nearby villages – Zubovići, Kustići and Vidalići – seem as though they are rising from the stones and offer a pleasant holiday. You can get rooms and apartments in private homes with welcoming hosts.

- Old Novalja North of Novalja, in a warm bay set deeply inland, lies Old Novalja. At the southeast end of the bay lies the Planjka (Trinćel) beach, one of the most beautiful and best-kept beaches, where you can have fun and cool off during the hot summer days. You can find the cool of evening while taking a long walk down the promenade. There are several diving clubs in Old Novalja and we say that divers open and close the season here. You can find rooms and apartments in private homes with welcoming hosts.

- Gajac Gajac is a tourist/residential village 2,5 km south of Novalja. Outside the summer season, there are less than 100 permanent residents here, but during the summer it turns into a real town of about 10,000 people. Along the coast is the long, sandy beach of Braničevica that faces the open sea. Aside from cooling off in the sea, we offer good facilities close to the beach and more in the town centre. If you like the crowds, Gajac is the place to go. Bus lines connect Gajac and Novalja all year round.

- Ancient Aqueduct – Talijanova buža The greatest treasure is our unique ancient aqueduct from the 1st century, carved out of solid rock. This one-of-a-kind Roman aqueduct, popularly known as Talijanova buža, supplied Novalja with water from the Novalja fields. The aqueduct is 1.2 km long, with a width ranging from 60 to 70 cm and 9 surface or air openings, which can be up to 40 m in height. The entrance to this town water supply system is located inside the Town Museum, which boasts some of Novalja’s cultural and ethnological heritage.

- The Pag salt Salt is the white gold of the town of Pagbeing produced for a thousand years. The Pag salines are one of the oldest salines with the most intensive production on the Croatian coast. The traditional way of producing salt via natural evaporation was abandoned 25 years ago when the salt factory was built that today harvests over 2 million m2 and, together with its warehouses and factories, make up the largest manufacturing plant in Croatia.

- Pag Cheese and Sheep Fair The Town of Novalja and the Sheep Breeders’ Association have launched an event called the Pag Cheese and Sheep Fair, which was assigned the task of promoting the sheep and cheese through tourism, while at the same time enhancing the development of animal husbandry in Pag using scientific approaches. It takes place every year on the first weekend of July and includes an evaluation of the quality of the cheese and of the best collections of sheep and rams. In addition, there are conferences on topics related to improving the quality of sheep, cheese and meat. Regular topics are related to the future of the sheep on the island, the introduction of new standards in the production of cheese, etc.


All these are only a step away from apartments Ivanov. We wish you pleasent stay in Novalja and island of Pag!